Having a Concept Battle with another guy.
Winners of Concept Battles shall be self-determined



a corporate sponsored coral reef


A superintelligent star, realizing that the fact that it is so big is both what makes it intelligent and what will insure that it will die in a supernova…


an overweight leaf-shaped bug caught in a bear trap


the soft hum of the incinerators that the Nazi commander wakes to every morning…


tiny alien probes that are the size of bacteria, becoming lost in the human body as they search for intelligent life on earth…


a trollop in a fistfight with a coquette as to who’s more lascivious


The first invention of the word murder as opposed to kill…


a topological discussion of non euclidean geometrical structures that ends in a knife fight


the mythology of a people who are deathly afraid of butterflies


The palindrome of remembering in reverse order all the things you did the night before while drunk.


a pinecone with dyscalculia whose whorls fail to obey the fibonacci sequence


A sunflower with attention deficit disorder that keeps getting distracted by shiny objects and turning away from the sun.


star-crossed lovers from a race of people who salivated vinegar and a race that ejaculates baking soda


A breath freshener that works by altering other people’s brain chemistry so that they appreciate the smell of filth


a race of beings whose bodies are nothing more than alimentary canals

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