Having a Concept Battle with another guy.
Winners of Concept Battles shall be self-determined


A bitch who is the daughter of a son of a bitch, making her the bitchy granddaughter of a bitch…


A planet that orbits outside the star’s ecliptic, and alternates between being depressed and megalomaniacal depending on whether it is above or below the rotational disk of the other planets at any given time


an angry, angry little baby that is only crying because it is furious and can’t express its bitterness to anyone…


a warthog, whose shadow only appears when a cloud passes between it and the sun


a playful hobbit sculpting her bowel movement into the profile of an orc


speaking so fast that the words break through the sound barrier and arrive silently…


a word that is so complex in meaning that it becomes self conscious the moment that someone thinks it, and then it takes over the original mind.


a clone engaging in complimentary laughter upon being told a series of “Yo mama” jokes


a duck that mates for life but cheats


The word that people of the future will have for behavior that is indicative of people from today


an indian who becomes chief after inventing the fart flap on a wigwam


memories printed on paper that can be eaten and remembered, but only once…


an odd toed ungulate arguing with the classification board that it is actually a deformed even toed ungulate


the devil breaking open a jesus piñata at his birthday party


an abstract painting that gives all the bronze sculptures boners


A city so unpleasant that no other township will be its Sister City. So people call it the Only Child.

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