Having a Concept Battle with another guy.
Winners of Concept Battles shall be self-determined



an impotent thunderstorm that squeaks


An alcoholics anonymous anonymous meeting for alcoholics who like to write under pen names.


a feathered brick purring as it is petted by an asteroid with rhubarb ears


an Aurora Borealis that sends waves of pleasure rather than light, so that all innuit peoples immediately have an orgasm.


an anti anxiety medication that turns your nose fuchsia but makes you colorblind so you don’t notice it


A little girl raised by nuns, who suddenly realizes that people are allowed to wear colors other than black and white.


a dog smelling its own fart and sighing wistfully at a meal that he remembers…


A hippo with hip displasia


a money tree that is an evergreen whose branches are all above the reach of the needy


a double contra bassoon player whose melody makes all the fat people follow him out of town


an eight year old future serial killer looking up the phrase serial killer on google because it sounds oddly appealing to him


a navajo named forever triumphant succumbing to cancer and bowel incontinence


a foot that refuses to be tamed by any shoe


Pornographic matrushka dildos that fit one inside the other


a descendant of one of the asuras who was the ancient nemesis of visnu, not realizing she is hurting herself each time she goes to yoga all in accordance to the plan

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  1. Noonz

    …just had to say: my brain has finally broken, this is more addictive than many drugs…have written pages already (in fact, can’t seem to stop eeekk) so please let me join the battle!!

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