Having a Concept Battle with another guy.
Winners of Concept Battles shall be self-determined


hunting down the happiest person on earth, just so you can make his day a little worse.


a planet inhabited by boomerangs, where all the children keep coming home


The letters of the alphabet that were removed in order to prevent people from thinking about the words that they began with…


a psychiatrist concluding that the initial act that drove one of his patients insane was the day he randomly chose to add raisins to his cereal


A disease that causes the body to inflate with helium, floating the sick into the sky where they eventually die, fall to earth and splatter, spreading more disease…


The region between a hermaphrodite’s testicles and her vagina, which is called The Veldt.


a board game with dice and two by fours, in which you roll the dice to find out how many times you hit your opponents with the two by fours


a fleet of horny dolphins getting 8 simultaneous hand jobs from an octopus


a new “Enemies” feature in Facebook that keeps you updated on what your enemies are up to


Trained seeing eye centipedes that will spell out in Braille on the forehead of a blind person what is within eyeshot…


a gumball machine with a NAND gate


–The sound that a snoring pirate makes when his parrot poops in his open mouth…


a dumbass repeatedly being reincarnated one i.q. point lower


a waterfall of liquid oxygen that evaporates before it hits the ground…

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