Having a Concept Battle with another guy.
Winners of Concept Battles shall be self-determined.


building a tiny career in the space between expectation and reality…


tongue-kissing the jaws of defeat while fingering the bitch goddess of fame


freeze dried ashes filling 144 safe deposit boxes


The bitterness of a million unsuccessful actresses smothering a young producer to death in his sleep


the mahabharata illustrated on the skins of several thousand hindu corpses


a grasshopper who learned to play the violin to seduce a cricket she was smitten with


A form of torture that involves constantly telling a person how much you love them


TWO musicians arguing over whether the sound of the car horn they both just heard was a SOL or a LA in B flat minor


a tantric sex position that can only be gotten into, because it kills you after you ejaculate


a joshua tree that prefers to be called Josh


The way that in Hell the smell of frying foetuses begins to make your mouth water because it smells like bacon


A superintelligent disease, hating itself for not being more lethal.


a humanoid porcupine yelling trade trade trade just before closing time at the NYSE


the first person to realize that the bitchy human resources lady is actually a robot


a great retrosnub icosidodecahedron staring in awe of the complexity of a twig


a monkey with precognition who rejects a female monkey’s advances because he doesn’t want his children to evolve into mankind.


a woman who has devoted her life to stealing slack from ropes

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