Having a Concept Battle with another guy.
Winners of Concept Battles shall be self-determined.


people waiting in line to be farted on by a rhinocerous


a tricycle and a popsicle arguing over the merits of the etymological roots of each’s “sicle”


the little known fact that while he sat in the dust taking his famous black and white photographs of nature, Ansel Adams wore satiny women’s underwear.


a bridge to the clouds built of frozen regrets


An artist whose entire fame is predicated on his hatred of fame, who is terrified that he secretly likes it…


the series of dance moves that if done in the proper sequence will shuffle you off this mortal coil


the one thought that when thunk will rearrange your psyche such that you will be happy for the rest of your life.


The squeaking noise that a glass animal makes whenever it looks left or right…


a girl who googles “How to Wipe Your Ass” every time she has to take a shit due to problems with her short term memory


The flicker of light reflecting off the neighbor’s wall as the raven of the universe takes your soul to the underworld….


Jesus at the last supper conferring with Judas about how much to tip


A urologist and a proctologist competing against each other to pick up a woman at a bar…


a magnetic loop around a cheerio


the flight of the bumblebee, played from tiny autonomous speakers that float around the room.


a shape changing robot that prefers to live as a watch


The fact that Islam is forbidden from depicting mohammed, because he was so ugly…


A blue whale that is a werewolf…


the seed of a fart, being birthed in the hippocampus

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