Having a Concept Battle with another guy.
Winners of Concept Battles shall be self-determined.


The birth of santa claus through the red felt-lined vagina of the earth…


the part to a complicated electronic device that somebody forgot to include in the shipping box sitting on a shelf in the warehouse crying about being orphaned and knowing the device will not work without it


parasites that grow in women’s bodies in place of children, but which grow up to be far better behaved than the real children would be…


ambition milking the udder of creativity


The narrow opening in a blue whale’s vagina that little fish swim into in order to hide from sharks.


leonardo da vinci drawing with his right hand while writing with his left, screaming “Tell me if anything was ever done”


a 400 pound extinct lemur wearing a powdered wig singing The Girl From Ipanema


A reincarnated baby with reverse alzheimers that forgets its past life as it becomes older….


a filthy talking rap song that has snuck its way onto a compilation of 100 best classical music pieces


reincarnating yourself as your own child’s child, just to take revenge…


a woman walking into a room and breaking down sobbing because she realizes by the lack of body odor that her husband has left her…


a sexy nightgown made out of a kind of spider silk that disintegrates if you tug on it lightly


two innuit lesbians quietly joking about eating ice cream…


sexploitation flicks delivered in the mail by netflix to a catholic priest who thought they were educational films about subjects heard in the confessional


swings swinging in contrary motion on a swingset on Iapetus

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