You just keep me hangin’ on…

I have to say it feels more like an ongoing therapy session than a freelance job. The Austrian Docs are so obsessively micro-managing that they have me come in once a week, every week, hand over some minor changes to the new flash pieces I’m working on, and then administer one of the second-level ‘therapeutic’ tests that they’re working on for the soldiers with P.T.S.D.

It is soothing –like spending time at yoga without the heavy stretching–  but I would like to finish this job and get paid eventually. Despite it all, I do have to respect the integrity of their vision. These people are legitimate doctors doing valuable work.

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    these people are legitimate doctors doing valuable work

  4. MojaveMike

    I say your test on Reddit and did it. How the hell????????????????

  5. Sam

    I am deeply concerned that this whole business with the doctors is a publicity stunt or perhaps a fairly large attempt at a digitally viral phenomenon. Looking though your blog is both eerie and tantalizing. I would like to discuss further, and I guess you have my email.

  6. Hosea Manuel Williamo

    Are you dead?

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