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sucker list

August 18th, 2008 — 8:21pm

It’s depressing to be so familiar with the ways of direct marketing. I have donated small amounts of money over the last few years to the Midnight Mission, the ACLU, the Sierra Club, and the Nature Conservancy. Now I am on a liberal sucker list, and each of the above-mentioned non-profits along with a ton of others (Indian Orphans?) have sent me envelopes PACKED with heartstring-tugging CRAP to get me to pony up more money. Not only am I disgusted with the Nature Conservancy (which is apparently one of the better ones in terms of low overhead fees) but I have now virtually given up on donating money to any of them. A typical bi-monthly envelope is jammed with tree-destroying garbage such as personalized address labels, pleas to answer polls –the answers to which are meaningless because the polls are just devices to encourage a response — images of threatened and extreemly cute wildlife, personal pleas of poverty, stickers to put on my car, offers for a free stuffed animal if I pay more money, and various and assorted manipulative devices designed by well-paid professionals to wheedle their way into my checkbook. If they had just sent a simple, recycled plea for help, or a postcard, once or twice a year they’d still be getting my cash. I can’t be paying for more trees to be cut down so that more personalized address labels can be sent to more liberal suckers…

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I test well…

August 18th, 2008 — 1:54pm

So these Austrian Doctors are the most anal retentive clients EVER. I mean they somehow spotted an RGB color that was off by 2 points (out of 255) in the red channel. The tech guy whose name I can never remember was watching on screen and he turned to Dr. Pierley and said, “needs a few percentage points red.” And she nodded to him as if she’d been thinking the same thing. This is why I call these people wine snobs.

But now every time I bring in a version to check out, the doctor gives me another test. It’s a bit like a mental massage; I definitely feel better after leaving… The light is still giving me massive headaches though; feels like it’s digging into my brain.

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