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Endless Tedium of Least Worst Scenarios

August 7th, 2008 — 2:41pm

I finalized the job with these German scientists today… except that they’re not really German they’re Austrian, and they’re not really scientists, they’re doctors. Actually, these people are a bit annoying; my excitement has already waned. Maybe it’s because they’re medical doctors, but the men and women I met today have the personality of wine snobs, or the sort of people who used to work at record stores (back when there were record stores). At any rate, they were professional enough but I couldn’t help feeling that I was somehow inexplicably lacking in taste when I met with them this second time to get the details on this latest flash work.

Apparently they’ve been around for years and years as some sort of multinational research group. But only now are they realizing that they have to move into the digital age. I got the script and will come back with a quick proof of concept in a few days. Dr. [ Brarely?? ] (her accent made it sound like she had a mouthful of cheese), said it is ‘vitally’ important that I reproduce the experience of their crappy 16mm movie as closely as possible. I told her I could improve the image quality and she totally snapped: “You will do it exactly our way!” I don’t think she is used to people who talk back to her.

This is why doctors get on my nerves; they’re all trained to think they’re God…

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