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A New Hope

July 27th, 2008 — 8:07pm

Aha! Turns out I was spelling their name with two ‘S’s instead of one, which explains the first few minutes of extreme confusion…

Generally speaking I dread new clients. The small ones are often unsure (and yet obsessive) micro-managers, who will take their uncertainty out on YOU, the hapless designer.

So I was surprised that this new gig seemed decent from the get-go —because they know exactly what they want. Because they are German SCIENTISTS, who work in a massive five story building WITHOUT WINDOWS, on the WEEKEND.

It would have been more dramatic if the place weren’t full of fuzzy cubicles and crappy office furniture from the ’80s. And actually they were Austrian and not German. The thin old lady with the accent that I met in the entryway made a joke when I told her that I liked Berlin. She said everyone thought Hitler was German when he was really Austrian, and yet Einstein was the other way around… or else the whole joke was the other way around. She seemed to think it was funny. This is why I love scientists.

I met with her and two others, and essentially I just need to recreate some visual test they administer so  their company can repurpose it for the web. They projected some of it onto a screen from an ancient 16mm projector (Junior High school nostalgia) and I couldn’t tell if the test was especially creepy because it was so old, or because it was especially creepy. Which I like. I am pro-creepy. Seemed to be a series of ‘yes’ ‘no’ questions that don’t totally make sense.

Their only concern was regarding the refresh rate of modern computers, which is how many times a processor redraws the monitor image… all of which I told them I would have to go figure out. I just do pictures man.

Anyway, seems like decent money.

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