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Chinese Water Torture Hindu Metaphor…

June 15th, 2008 — 8:55pm

Google is wonderful and horrible, like the incarnation of some Hindu diety too bright to ever look at, with thousands of wriggling arms that can kill you or smite your enemies in moments without even thinking… I was doing well; a huge surprise. Getting conversions for about $20, hoping to improve on that and then renegotiate with the man who is buying them. So I doubled my tiny daily spend and suddenly conversions disappeared. I’d been obsessively making changes to many of the dozens of variables involved, which is an unscientific but necessary route when you are paying only $40 a day in ad costs… So rather than breaking even and excitedly trying to optimize my ad campaign I found myself losing $40 a day for no discernable reason.

Luckily Google takes with one hand while giving back with the other; I was soon able to use Analytics to target return customers. You see, for a leads site there really shouldn’t BE return customers. There isn’t any content to return FOR. I realized I’d gotten 8 repeat visits from Monterey Park… and no conversions. I spent $50 on Monterrey Park, far more than the average cost of a Vietnamese dinner over there… Probably it was some guy who runs a foreclosure “information” blog who clicked on his own ads to make a couple of bucks. Either that or a competitor wanting to scare me away. So after a quick Google search relating to Google searches I managed to exclude my ads from appearing anywhere in Monterrey Park. I am giving Google $40 a day with little to show for it, but the thoroughness of the tools they provide to watch my money disappear is breathtaking…

Google is God

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